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  USED KWIK-LIFT BARGAINS? There are folks out there selling used Kwik-lifts. Should you buy one? Are they real Kwik-lifts? How do you know if they are the genuine article and what is best for you and your car's safety? Click here to find out the full story.

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Get an authentic Kwik-Lift shipped to you within two business days. Choose your Kwik-Lift here with the Basic Package or the Full Package. Also pick your accessories out here, including the centerlift bridge and casters to put your Kwik-Lift on wheels.

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  Corvette Testimonial

KWIK-LIFT - "Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!"

"Danny Johnson, My quick-lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I feel safe working under my car, plenty of head room and I have never felt unsafe doing anything.This is by far the best tool I have ever bought to work on a car and the $ Price $ was right."

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  The Kwik-Lift FAQ


How high does Kwik-Lift go? Can it stay flat? How does Kwik-Lift get shipped? Can I remove tires from my car when it's on the lift?

Find out the answers to these question and more in our FAQ.

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KWIK-LIFT Information Video

Learn all about how Kwik-lift was developed for you, the car enthusiast, to provide a way to let you work on your cars in comfort and safety, right in your own garage.

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KWIK-LIFT Instructional Video

Kwik-lift is easy for you, the car enthusiast, to assemble and start using in a matter of minutes. This instructional video shows you all the steps and features of the Kwik-lift.

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Danny Johnson Photo


Using the included Centerlift Bridge with your Kwik-lift you can easily remove the wheels on your chariot and service brakes and other hard to get at items.

Only Kwik-lift, the system designed by and for car enthusiasts makes all your modification and maintenance work so easy.

Check out more mores to use your Kwik-lift system here on our Kwik-lift Uses page.


Danny Johnson Photo

Danny Johnson is back. Kwik-lift is back.

After a long search to find a high quality manufacturing facility that could handle the precision of laser cutting the high strength steel that is exclusively milled for Kwik-lift here in the USA, we are back, ready to ship a Kwiklift to you today.

We also can supply you with the best 4 Post and 2 Post lifts available for those who have the ceiling height and want to take advantage of this solution.

We know you’ve missed us and have not been able to find any lift as strong, convenient, portable and attractively priced. So we have worked overtime to bring Kwik-lift back to you, and here it is, at a very attractive special price.


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