6 Detailing Tasks Made Much Easier With A Kwik-Lift

6 Detailing Tasks Made Much Easier With A Kwik-Lift
April 20, 2018 spork
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Being a car detailer is like being a contortionist. If you want to do your job right, you have to be flexible and bend in weird positions. Doing this all the time does take a toll on your back and knees. Luckily, the Kwik-Lift is a great solution to that problem.

A lot of car detailers can attest that a Kwik-Lift makes their job much easier. The Kwik-Lift raises a vehicle 20 inches. This makes the lower part of the vehicle so much more accessible. That means you won’t be kneeling, crawling, bending over, or twisting your body as much. A Kwik-Lift really makes the following 6 detailing tasks much easier on your body.

1. Polishing Wheels, Chrome Trims, & Bumpers

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Just put the vehicle on a Kwik-Lift, grab a rolling mechanic’s stool, and get right to work. Since the vehicle is higher up the wheels, trims, and bumpers will be at eye level. You can sit comfortably on the stool, rather than trying to bend over while sitting on a stool or kneel in kneepads. Rather than standing up to give your back a break, you can finish the task all in one go. This drastically cuts down on the duration of the project.

2. Headlight Restoration

Restoring headlights is much easier to do when you’re standing straight up, which you can do with a Kwik-Lift.

3. Vacuuming

Have you ever vacuumed the interior of a car while standing upright? Now you can with a Kwik-Lift! Any good detailer knows that every nook and cranny inside the car needs to be vacuumed. It can be quite difficult to do when you’re bent over the whole time. When the vehicle is on a Kwik-Lift, you’ll also have an easier time getting under the seats with your vacuum. This is a big deal because pretty much everything ends up under there. You’ll even be able to see under the seats better!

4. Buffing & Polishing the Paint

Buffing and polishing the paint is a challenge. Bending over makes it awkward to keep the buffer at the right angle and to see the swirl marks for removal. With a Kwik-Lift and a mechanic stool, the majority of the car’s body is at eye level. It’s much easier to keep the buffer angled correctly and to get rid of every last swirl mark.

5. Tar Removal

This task is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of elbow grease. Tar from newly paved roads usually ends up on the undercarriage, the fenders, and at the bottom of the doors. To remove it you have to bend over or kneel for a long period of time. A Kwik-Lift will let you sit comfortably on a stool for this task, and greatly lessen the strain on your lower back.

6. Washing the Undercarriage

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Sometimes a detailer will get a request to clean the underside of a car. With a Kwik-Lift, you can easily access the undercarriage with a power washer. You can see well enough to clean out the small nooks and crannies, and inspect the car closely for any missed spots.

In a nutshell, the Kwik-Lift is a back and knee-saver for car detailers. It lets you sit comfortably and focus on doing the job well. This is much more productive than doing the job while focusing on the next time you get to stand up. Read more about the Kwik-Lift here.


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