We understand that making a large purchase such as this can lead to many questions.
That’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for you and put all our answers in one place!

How high does Kwik-lift raise the car?

Kwik-lift raises the bottom of the tires to 20 inches above the floor, putting the average chassis at about 30 plus inches above the floor.

How long is Kwik-lift?

Kwik-lift is adjustable. There are 3 length settings: 13′ 3″/ 14′ 0″/ 14′ 9″. The longest individual piece is 8 ft. 4 inches long. The width is also adjustable.

What size do you really need?

Pick a Kwik-lift based on the empty weight of your vehicle, not GVWR. GVWR means gross vehicle weight rating. It is the total the vehicle would weigh if fully loaded with cargo and a few of your favorite 200 lb. Friends. Generally, the gvwr can be 1200 lbs. More than the empty vehicle weight.  If in doubt, call us!

What is Kwik-lift constructed of?

Kwiklift is constructed of high strength steel from United States steel mills

How is Kwik-lift shipped?

Most of the vehicle lifts we sell are shipped to the freight terminal nearest to your home or business. We call this “LTL Shipping.” When your shipment arrives at the local freight terminal, you’ll need a full-size pickup truck to go and pick up your shipment.

LTL Shipping Rates

LTL Shipping Zone Map

ZoneFlat Rate
Zone 1 (ORANGE)$129
Zone 2 (RED)$199
Zone 3 (BLUE)$249

Other Shipping Options

LTL Shipping is our standard shipping option, but we are happy to arrange alternative shipping options. If, for example:

  • You own a business with a loading dock that regularly accepts freight, OR
  • You know someone who owns a business with a loading dock that regularly accepts freight

We can arrange to have your new lift shipped directly to this business. However, you must call 1-800-961-5438 and order by phone to arrange this option.

How does the lift tube ( the pipe ) work?

The lift tube pivots down ( the hump will be laying down ) and out of the way allowing very low cars to easily drive on and off. When you are ready to jack up the unit, pivot the lift tube up ( the hump will be up ) and position the jack under the hump. (position your jack saddle so that 2 teeth are in front of the tube, and 2 teeth are behind the tube, in order to safely hold the tube.)

Will it go any higher?

No. If the unit were any higher, reaching the chassis would be uncomfortable for most people while using a creeper. The chassis, at about 30 inches above the floor, seems to be best height without reaching and straining. Also, if the lift were higher, for the average home owner, the garage door, when open, could pose a clearance problem

What should i do with Kwik-lift when I'm not using it?

Nothing. Leave it assembled !! Our customers tell us that they simply leave the unit assembled and use it as a parking place. Many say that they drive on and off several times per week. When it is time to work on the car, just jack up the unit, release the pin which releases the rear legs, lock the legs in place, lower the unit onto the legs, and go to work! It only takes about 60 seconds.

How do I lift the unit?

A floor jack should reach a height of about 19 inches in order to work with Kwik-lift. Your jack needs to drop to a level of 5 inches in the down position to fit under the tube. Most jacks will work with Kwik-lift. However, there are a few that will not. Also, you must use a jack that has a jack bell with a diameter large enough to safely support the lift tube during the jacking process. Do not use a jack which has a bell diameter of less than 4 inches.

Is Kwik-lift difficult to assemble?

No! Kwik-lift can be assembled by two people in 10-15 minutes. ( It may take slightly longer the first time) the unit can be disassembled in about 5 minutes. All you need is a couple of wrenches or sockets and some spray-on lithium grease, which should be applied on the lift tube prior to assembly. One person can handle the assembly process, but we suggest using two.

Is there a way to remove my wheels and tires after the car is on the lift?

Yes ! Our new optional “Centerlift” is a bridge across the ramps that allows you to place a bottle jack or other type jack, and one or two small stands to support the axle, a – arms, or frame rails. The Centerlift may be used at the front or rear of Kwik-lift (do not position the centerlift rearward of the rear legs or in the middle area of the ramps ) Centerlift is not designed to be used as a transmission jack.

Can I lay Kwik-lift down flat on the floor?

Yes. Ask us about this and we will fax you the directions for a simple way to lay the lift flat on the floor and park your car on it.

Do you charge sales tax?

We only charge sales tax in the state of OK.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Our lifts come with a 12 year warranty, and powdercoating is warrantied for one year. The warranty specifics are detailed with the individual product’s information, as well as on our warranty page.

What if I want to talk to a real person?

Feel free to call us at 800-961-LIFT (5438). We’re also happy to answer your email, so write us at sales@kwik-lift.com.

Do you ever offer discounts or coupons?

We try to keep our Kwik-Lift prices low, but we understand this is a big purchase. Please consider our financing options. Low monthly payments are available.

What should I do if I need to cancel my order?

Please contact us right away at 800-961-LIFT (5438). Of course, we’ll be in touch with you about shipping details, but it’s best to cancel the order prior to that.

Do you offer express shipping?

Your Kwik-Lift will be shipped to you via LTL freight carrier. Due to the unique size of our products, we must contact you to make specific shipping arrangements, and we can discuss expected delivery times at that time.

“I received my Kwik-Lift today. A friend and I had it unpacked and assembled in no time. I am very impressed with the heavy duty construction of this lift. I could not be happier with your product. It is worth every penny. Every one that has seen it says the same thing. “Wow, is that cool!” Thank you so much for the great communication. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”  -Tim Strobl