Lift Financing For Consumers and Shops

Working with Quick Spark Financial and PayPal Credit, we’re able to offer financing options tailor made for consumers and commercial buyers alike.

Consumer Financing

For consumers, we recommend PayPal Credit, which offers:

  1. Quick decisions
  2. No annual fees
  3. No payments and no interest for six months (with approval) on orders over $99

To learn more about PayPal credit, visit To purchase a lift using PayPal credit, just proceed thru our standard checkout process, select PayPal as your payment method, and then select PayPal credit. Easy!

Shop Financing

For shops, we recommend Quick Spark Financial, which offers:

  1. Quick decisions that don’t require a bunch of paperwork (no P&Ls, no cashflow docs, etc.)
  2. Payment terms customized for commercial buyers, including variable payments and extended terms
  3. Bad credit or no credit is no problem – Quick Spark specializes in finding a way to offer credit

To apply for financing from Quick Spark Financial, click here and you’ll be taken to the official Kwik-Lift Quick Spark finance application.

Quick Spark Financial Apply Now

“I received my Kwik-Lift today. A friend and I had it unpacked and assembled in no time. I am very impressed with the heavy duty construction of this lift. I could not be happier with your product. It is worth every penny. Every one that has seen it says the same thing. “Wow, is that cool!” Thank you so much for the great communication. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”  -Tim Strobl