Kwik-Lift: Safe, Straightforward, and Rock-Solid

A classic truck on the Kwik-Lift

With a 5,000lbs load capacity, the Kwik-Lift works great for vehicles of all sizes.

There are three things to know about the Kwik-Lift:

  1. It’s One Of The Safest Lifts Money Can Buy
  2. It’s Easy To Setup, Easy To Use, and Easy To Store
  3. It’s High Quality Steel, Made In The USA

The Kwik-Lift is one of the most popular vehicle lifts for home use in North America. Home owners like the Kwik-Lift because it works in just about any home garage, it’s a straightforward steel ramp that doesn’t break, and because its easy to store out of the way when not in use.

Shops and commercial users like the Kwik-Lift because it’s portable, and because it’s a commercial grade vehicle lift at an inexpensive price.

Kwik-Lift Accessories


Additional 2nd Centerlift Bridge $125.00
(so you can take off all the wheels at once)


Full set of Casters $299.00
(4 separate sets, one for each corner of the lift)


I received my Kwik-Lift today. A friend and I had it unpacked and assembled in no time. I am very impressed with the heavy duty construction of this lift. I could not be happier with your product. It is worth every penny. Every one that has seen it says the same thing. “Wow, is that cool!” Thank you so much for the great communication. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”  -Tim Strobl