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    What You Need To Know About Car Lift Height Requirements

    A car lift at home is something pretty much every mechanic, car enthusiast, or DIYer aspires to own. Thankfully, home…

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    6 Detailing Tasks Made Much Easier With A Kwik-Lift

    Being a car detailer is like being a contortionist. If you want to do your job right, you have to…

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    The Maintenance Requirements for Each Type of Home Garage Car Lift

    Maintenance is an important factor to consider when shopping for a car lift to put in your home garage. Some…

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    The Best Alternatives To Jack Stands

    Uncomfortable with the idea of using jack stands on your car for basic maintenance? We don’t blame you. Jack stands…

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    The Four Different Home Car Lift Types: Pros and Cons

    Picking a car lift can be challenging for a homeowner looking to do some DIY car maintenance at home. There…

  • Kneeling

    All About Low Rise Car Lifts and Why You’ll Want One

    If you’re the kind of person that likes to work on your car for fun, odds are pretty good that…

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    What You Can Do With a Kwik-Lift That You Can’t Do With an Entry-Level Hydraulic Lift

    When looking for a car lift to use in your home garage, it’s a good idea to take all of…

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    3 Different Low Rise Car Lift Options: Pros and Cons

    Looking to add a low rise car lift to your home garage? This article is for you! As you’ll read…

  • How Long Do Vehicle Lifts Last?

    A vehicle lift is a big investment for anyone, but this is especially the case for a DIYer. If you…

  • Premium lift

    4 Car Lift Alternatives for Your Home Garage

    Looking for a car lift for your home garage that isn’t a commercial 2 post or 4 post hydraulic lift?…