Why Buy The Kwik-Lift?

If you’re looking for a vehicle lift that will work in nearly any residential garage, you’ve got a lot of options. Here’s what makes Kwik-Lift your best choice.

Our Design Is Safer

Many of our competitors raise vehicles by the frame using two seperate lifting mechanisms. This type of design has two serious potential problems:

  1. Most lifts that sit between the front and rear wheels do not lift at the designated jack points. As a result, vehicles are not perfectly balanced front to back, which means they can tip forward or backward.
  2. Lifts that use two separate mechanisms (one for each side) can fall if one mechanism gets “stuck” or lifts faster than the other.

When you use a Kwik-Lift, the vehicle is lifted by the wheels, raised and lowered at the same time. There are no concerns about tipping front to back or falling side-to-side with the Kwik-Lift.

We’re obviously biased, but we think the Kwik-Lift is the safest design on the market.

Lifting between the wheels can lead to tipping, especially when the weight isn't distributed (like during an engine swap).

We lift vehicles at all four wheels at the same time. No tipping front to back, no falling over during lift or lower.

Low ground clearance? No problem.

It Works With Almost Everything

The Kwik-Lift works with most 4 wheel vehicles:

  • Length and width are adjustable – great for old cars, new cars, trucks, UTVs, etc.
  • Because getting a vehicle up on the Kwik-Lift is basically just driving up a mild incline, the Kwik-Lift works with low ground clearance vehicles.

As long as your vehicle doesn’t exceed the 5,000lbs weight limit or the 176″ wheelbase limit, the Kwik-Lift will work.

No Mess, No Fuss, No Hydraulic Stuff

Hydraulics are great, provided they’re top notch.

The trouble is, top notch hydraulic systems aren’t cheap. Most of the commercial grade 2-post and 4-post lifts we sell cost twice as much as an entry-level vehicle lift, and almost all of that cost difference is due to the hydraulics (it’s not as if the commercial lifts have twice as much metal as the entry-level systems – the cost is all in the hydraulics).

The Kwik-Lift is simple – just put a standard floor jack under it and go. No leaking connectors. No electric lift motors that overheat and burn out. No fluid pressure relief, no air compressors, no periodic maintenance.

Basically, no headaches.

The Kwik-Lift is easy to use and doesn't need hydraulics.

It’s The Perfect Height

The Kwik-Lift was designed to offer just the right amount of lift, which is 20″ between the tires and the ground. Since most vehicles have 4-8″ of ground clearance, that’s 24-28″ of space between the frame and the ground. That’s a great distance for use with a creeper.

24-28″ of distance between the ground and the frame is also plenty of room to drop a transmission. A lot of competitor’s lifts create only 18″ of space between the ground and the frame, which is often not enough clearance for a transmission (and also not a very comfortable working height).

We Use Steel

Every Kwik-Lift is made with solid US steel, and always has been. We’ve chosen steel for two reasons:

  1. It’s heavy, which makes our lift more stable.
  2. Steel lasts a lifetime.

A lot of our competitors claim to use “aircraft grade” aluminum (whatever that means) for their lifts. We think that’s because they’re trying to make their lifts lighter – a lighter lift can get by with cheaper hydraulics, and it’s also a little cheaper to ship.

But whatever their reasoning is, we think lifts should be made out of steel.

Solid USA Steel Is Stable and Lasts Forever

Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Kwik-Lift has always been made in the USA from US steel.

We could probably cut costs a bit by making the Kwik-Lift in Mexico or China, but we don’t think that’s a good trade. We know the quality of US workmanship, and we know that quality matters when you’re rolling around underneath a 5,000lbs vehicle.

We’re also proud to support US workers, and we’re pleased to be part of the solution to getting American manufacturing back.

Learn More About The Kwik-Lift

The Kwik-Lift is available in three packages: Base, Standard, and Premium.

Click on a package to learn more.